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Religious Pravasi Series - Kadepathar to Jejurigad Pravas

District - Pune 
Time – 4 Hours (Base – Kadepathar – Jejurigad – Base) 
Trek grade - Easy 
Endurance level - Medium 
Nearest railway station - Jejuri 
Mumbai to Jejuri - 210 km 
Pune to Jejuri - 50 km 
Dated - 20 July 2022

Khandoba Temple situated in the hill range south of Jejurigad is the temple of Maharashtra's deity Shri Khandoba. That is Kadepathar Shri Khandoba Devasthan (Kadepathar Temple) and from Kadepathar temple we trekked to Jejurigad through the mountain route. Along with that, the darshan of the magnificent idol of Shri Vitthala at Diveghat and the return journey of Saint Shri Dnyaneshwar Mauli Palkhi. This blog is from our "Religious Pravasi" series of this journey.

Khanderaya has many locations in South India. However, the capital of this deity is considered to be Jejurigad. Khandoba of Jejuri is considered to be an incarnation of Mahadeva and is popularly known as "Martand Bhairav" ​​or "Malhari Martand".

How to reach Jejuri from Pune! 

The distance from Pune to Jejuri is about 50 kilometers and we stopped at Dive Ghat while going from Pune to Hadapsar - Saswad route. The rainy season was a few days away. The water of Mastani Lake was completely dry

Mastani Lake

At the end of the ghat, the magnificent statue of Shree Viththala attracts us. The work of beautification was going on when we visited here. 

Statue of Shree Viththala

After ascending the Diveghat with the beat of Tal-mridunga and chanting "Dnyanoba Mauli Tukaram", the darshan of Shri Vitthala must have relieved the weariness of the pilgrims (Warkari) in an instant. 

We went to the hill next to the idol. 

Small hill next to the idol

From the top of the hill, one could see the Shree Vitthala idol, the Diveghat area, Mastani lake, and a range of mountains.

Diveghat andMastani lake

Next in this mountain range is Malhargad Fort. After crossing the ghat, one can go to Malhargad fort from Kalewadi village on the left side. 

Mountain range and Malhargad Fort

During the journey from Hadapsar - Saswad - Jejuri, we could see the return journey of many small and big Varakari Dindi and palanquins (Palkhi). Among them, Saint Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi remained unforgettable. The rhythm of the Tal-mridunga, singing the Abhyanga, and the great enthusiasm of the Varakaris. I was overwhelmed by a different energy.

Saint Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi

We reached the base of the Kadepathar temple. We started climbing the stairs with the darshan of Lord Mahadev at the base. 

Lord Mahadev at the base

There are steps from the base to reach the temple and the journey takes about half an hour to an hour. From children to elderly persons do come here to take the blessing of the Shri Khandoba.  

The route of steps

Kadepathar Khandoba temple is situated at a slight elevation on the southern hill range of Jejurigad.

Southern hill range of Jejurigad

After visiting Banubai Temple on the way, we proceeded toward the Shri Khandoba Temple.

Banubai Temple

Kadepathar Devasthan

Reaching the Kadepathar is a bit tiring, but the sight of Khanderaya and the other temples there is no doubt a pleasing experience. Many small and big temples were seen in Kadepathar Devasthan.

Other temples at Kadepathar Devasthan

The temple of Khandoba is facing east and there is Nandi in Meghadambari and massive tortoise in front.

Shri Khandoba temple and Tortoise

Nandi in Meghadambari

There are some more temples near the Khandoba temple. 

Temples near the Khandoba temple

Many small temples can also be seen in the Ghode Uddan (Horse park) area. 

Ghode Uddan

Small temples in the Ghode Uddan

A path straight from the entrance of the Khandoba temple leads to a small pond with a temple of Mahadeva on the bank. 

Small pond

Kadepathar Devasthan to Jejurigad Trek

Now we headed for the Jejurigad. Leaving behind the path of steps, now started the tough journey through the mountain path. 

The route connecting Kadepathar to Jejurigad

One hour is enough to reach from Kadepathar to Jejurigad and you can also see "Kaman" at some places on the way.


Banai Temple was also there halfway.

Banai Temple

On this journey, at one place, we saw some fine stones stacked on top of each other. Might be Devotees have made such a design for wish fulfillment. 

Fine stones stacked on top of each other

There are entrances in the east, west, and north directions to go to the Jejurigad. We headed towards the east entrance. 

East entrance

After entering the fort, the tall Deepmala and Shree Khandoba temple can be seen in front. Like Kadepathar, this temple of Khandoba is also facing east and there is Nandi in Meghadambari and a massive tortoise in front.

Shree Khandoba temple

"Sadananda's Yelkot", "Yelkot Yelkot Jai Malhar", and "Changbhal in the name of Khandoba" were chanted along with the waving of Bhandara and coconuts. 

Behind the temple is the temple of Tulja Bhavani and there is also a Tali Bhandara place in the area. 

Temple of Tulja Bhavani

Tali Bhandara place

Chaitra, Magh, and Shravani Purnima as well as Champashashti and Mahashivaratri are also celebrated here in a big way. 

We started descending through the western gate. 

Western entrance

On the way, a historical moment has been staged. Meeting of father and son, the Shahaji Raja and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at Jejurigad.

Meet of Shahaji Raja and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

A little further down is the Banai temple. 

Banai temple

Reached the base of the Jejurigad. Saw the main gate of the fort, had darshan of Nandi Mahadev, and started the return journey

Main entrance

Nandi Mahadev

Return journey

Again coming from Jejuri to Saswad and then through Dive Ghat via Hadapsar-Saswad to Kharadi, Pune. 

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Jai Shivray

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