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Geotags Pravasi Series - View of Matheran Range Forts and Pinnacles from Kalavantin Durg

kalavantin durg

Thakurwadi village to Kalavantin Durg trek
Trek started from Thakurwadi village (The base village for the Kalavantin Durg trek) at 9 pm and reached Prabalmachi village in one hour. After camping in the village, we started climbing Kalavantin Pinnacle at 6 am the next day. In half an hour, we reached the last stage of the Pinnacle. For this climb, the villagers help us to climb the pinnacle by tying a rope and charging some fee. When we arrived, the rope planting work was starting. As the sun was about to rise, we stayed there watching the moment. Then this photo was taken of Matheran Mountain Range. 

From Matheran to Malanggad Fort, a full line of forts and peaks could be seen. However, the nearby Prabalgad Fort was not included in the photo. As shown in the photo, these places are very close and I visited many of them. So I could very much connect with this beautiful scene. The night trek, the experience of watching the sunrise from the fort, I was experiencing everything for the first time. Golden day of my life.

Matheran is a famous place. Thousands of tourists flock here, especially during monsoons. You can go directly to Matheran by your vehicle. But you cannot take a car to visit the points in Matheran. Only on foot or on horseback, that's your choice. Also, some points in Matheran can be reached by trekking. After entering through the Matheran entrance gate, a path on the right leads to Panorama Point. You will see that point in the photo.

Peb Fort or Vikatgad Fort
There is a beautiful fort near Matheran. It is the Peb Fort or Vikatgad. On one side of the fort is the Matheran Train Route and on the other side is the trek route from Anandwadi village (The base village for the Peb Fort trek). Coming from the Matheran train route, we detour from the base of Panorama Point to reach the fort.

Nakhind Ridge Trek
A naturally formed geological formation can be seen in the hills right next to Peb fort. Holes in the rock caused by air mining over the years. Which is called Nedhe (A naturally formed hole in the rock). This place is famous by the name "Nakhind". This trek can be done from Bedisgaon (The base village for the Nakhind Ridge trek). Also, halfway we come across the village of Waghinichi Wadi. Although the trek is easy, the route from Waghinichi wadi to Nakhind passes through a very dense forest and during monsoons the route is very difficult to predict.

We may have seen Nedhe-like geological structure in some selected places in Maharashtra. You must be familiar with the Nedhe at Rajgad Fort and Ratangad Fort. Also another fort near Matheran, adjacent to Morbe Dam. That is Irshalgad Fort. On this fort, we can also see Nedhe.

Chanderi Fort
Chanderi Fort and Mhaismal Hill are easily recognizable due to their distinctive shape. Chanderi fort can trek from Chinchavali (The base village for the Chanderi Fort trek). Getting to Caves at Chanderi Fort is comparatively easy. But it is difficult to reach the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue on top of the Chanderi Fort. You must have a rope and some equipment with you. There is also a Gadeshwar Lake at the base of the fort, which is now becoming famous for camping.

Tahuli Peak
Looking ahead in the same mountain range, we see Tahuli Peak, Ganesh Kartik Pinnacle, and Malanggad Fort. Tahuli peak trek can be done from Khushivali (The base village for the Tahuli Peak trek) which is right between Tahuli and Malanggad. On the way to Tahuli, we come across Ganesh Kartik pinnacle. This peak which looks like a thin thumb-like shape definitely attracts climbers.

Malanggad Fort
Very easy way to reach Malanggad Fort which has religious importance. You can go to the fort from Malangwadi (The base village for the Malanggad Fort trek). As such, this fort is divided into three stages. Peer Machi, Son Machi, and Balekilla. Many devotees come to Peer Machi. But from there you can go to Son Machi by trekking for half an hour. The journey till here is comparatively easy. But it is difficult to reach the top of the fort (Balekilla). For this, climbing skills and equipment are required.

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