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After visiting the famous tourist places in Lucknow, we got a chance to visit the famous hill stations of the country. That is Nainital (Famous hill station of India, Nainital) in Uttarakhand. In this four-day Pravas, we were able to experience a lot of things, from visiting Nainital and the surrounding lakes to many small lakes, staying at a campsite a little away from Nainital but close to nature, from water activities to horse riding, rappelling and from caves to temples. This blog is of the same Pravas.

Nainital Pravas Series - Day 1
Lucknow to Nainital Travel and Camping

camping in nainital

How to reach Nainital?
The nearest railway station to reach Nainital is Kathgodam and to reach there from Lucknow (How to reach Nainital from Lucknow!) trains are available. But as we didn't get a reservation till Kathgodam, we got down at Kichcha railway station which is about 40 km before Kathgodam.

Kichha Station nainital
We at Kichha Station

Reached Haldwani by sharing from the station. From here you can reach Nainital (How to reach Nainital from Haldwani!). We took a cab and headed for Nainital. Bajoon village is about 12 km from Nainital. There we arranged our accommodation at a campsite (Nainital Nature Camp, Bajoon).

Nainital Nature Camp Site
Nainital Nature Camp Site

We didn't want to stay in a hotel. We wanted to stay at a place where there is a camping facility (Campsite in Nainital). So we came here far from Nainital. This place was very offbeat. About one hundred and two hundred meters from the main road, one has to walk into the forest. No one can recognize this place from the outside. We liked it very much. Rested for a while to get rid of the tiredness of the journey and then had lunch. Now we left for Nainital Mall Road.

Nainital Mall Road
Nainital Mall Road

After visiting the market, we took a bike on rent (Bike on rent at Nainital) for the next three days of wandering and came back to the campsite. The first day of Nainital Pravas ended happily.

Camping in Nainital
Bonfire at Campsite

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Jai Shivray

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