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Nainital Pravasi - Day 2
Horse Riding, Rappelling, and Nainital Boating

We were roaming around tourist places in Nainital under the "Nainital Pravasi" series. You must have read the blog "Lucknow to Nainital Travel and Camping" in the previous section. In this blog, we will visit some lakes and water activities, as well as the Himalayan botanical garden, horse riding, rappelling, and boating in Nainital Lake.

boating in nainital

Our day started early in the morning. Had a nice breakfast at the campsite and headed towards Nainital. We had not made any plan as to where to go. It was decided to stop wherever there was on the way. On our way to Nainital from the campsite, we came across a beautiful lake. That is Khurpatal Lake. From the water in the lake to the surrounding area, everything was different here.

Khurpatal Lake
Khurpatal Lake

At a short distance, there is a small lake called Sariyatal Lake. Many water activities take place here. Among them, we experienced Zipline.

Sariyatal Lake
Sariyatal Lake

Again we started our journey towards Nainital. Now we reached the Himalayan Botanical Garden. It must have been a challenge to build such a park on a completely infertile land. The park provides research opportunities for scientists and students along with conservation, development, and awareness of rare and endangered plants of the Himalayas. A great project in terms of moving towards eco-tourism.

Himalayan Botanical Garden
Himalayan Botanical Garden

This route also has a few viewpoints. A horse Ride to Tiffin Top point of Nainital is available near this point. About a 5 km journey, a dense forest, some points on the way, and the most interesting experience is rappelling from the viewpoint near Tiffin Top.

horse Ride to Tiffin Top point of Nainital
Horse Ride to Tiffin Top point

Photos in Local Outfit nainital
Photos in Local Outfit

I had never done this kind of adventure activity before. At first, I thought I would not be able to do it. But slowly I learned rappelling with guidance. An adventurous but exciting experience.

Rappelling at Tiffin Top Point
Rappelling at Tiffin Top Point

There was so much to see and experience during the journey from the campsite to Nainital that it was evening by the time we reached Nainital. So we ended our day with boating in Nainital Lake. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the sun is setting, and the air is soothing and cool.
A very pleasant evening.

Boating in Nainital Lake
Boating in Nainital Lake

Day 2 Pravas of Nainital ends here.

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Jai Shivray

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