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Nainital Pravasi Series - Day 3
Naukuchiatal, Bhimtal and Sattal lakes

We were roaming around famous tourist places in Nainital under the series "Nainital Pravasi". In the previous Pravasi blogs, you must have read blogs about camping, horse riding, lake visits, water activities, rappelling, boating, and many other things. In this pravas, we will go a little away from Nainital Lake, visit some familiar-unknown lakes, and see all the water activities there.

bhimtal naukuchiatal sattal lakes nainital

Naukuchiatal Lake was about 40 km from our campsite (Camping in Nainital) at Bajoon. The journey in the mountain valley is as beautiful as it is dangerous. So, controlling the speed, we were enjoying the journey.

Photoshoot in Nainital
Photos taken near a point along the way

We were about to reach Naukuchiatal and we saw Paragliders flying in the sky. When we inquired, we found out that there is a lot of waiting for paragliding (Paragliding in Nainital). So we started again towards Naukuchiatal. There is a small lake called Kamaltal Lake adjacent to Naukuchiatal. This pond must be completely filled with lotuses during the season.

kamaltal lake nainital
Kamaltal Lake

Naukuchiatal Lake is huge in size, has clean water, is a scenic area, and is crowded with tourists. Here we enjoyed Kayaking (Kayaking in Nainital).

Naukuchiatal Lake nainital
Naukuchiatal Lake
Kayaking in Naukuchiatal Lake nainital
Kayaking in Naukuchiatal Lake

Bhimtal Lake is on the same way as we came. While going from Bhimtal Lake to Bhavali, a path on the left leads downwards to Sattal Lake.

Selfie at Bhimtal Lake
Selfie at Bhimtal Lake
Bhimtal Lake Nainital
Bhimtal Lake

The less-known Garudtal Lake is found on this path. Very selective tourists come here as it is dangerous. Sattal (Sattal Lakes) means seven lakes and Garudatal is one of the group of seven lakes. After a long day of visiting crowded places, we got the relaxation we wanted here.

garudtal lake nainital
Garudtal Lake

Other lakes of the Seven Lakes group can be seen nearby.

Sattal Lakes Nainital
Sattal Lakes

It was night till we reached Nainital again. Another beautiful day in Nainital ended with this amazing night view of Nainital city.

Nainital city night view
Nainital City Night View

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Jai Shivray

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