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Type - Mountain Fort
Height of the Fort - 3010 Feet
Place - Maval, Pune
Base Village - Jambhulne
Time - 2 Hours
Trek Grade - Medium to Difficult
Endurance Level - Moderate
Nearest Railway Station - Lonavala

Morgiri fort

Ghangad, Korigad, Tikona, Tung, Lohgad, and Visapur are the famous forts in the Lonavala area of Pune district. Along with these forts, there is also an unexplored fort called Morgiri Fort. The trek which seems easy in the beginning but becomes difficult in the last stages. Sometimes through the dense bush, sometimes from the plateau, sometimes from the valley edge, sometimes with the help of a rope, this trek with different stages of the journey is a feast for us nomads.

Pune to Jambhulne Travel :
Early in the morning I left for Lonavala from Kharadi, Pune via Mumbai Pune old highway. My trekker friends were coming from Mumbai. They were going to be late in reaching Lonavala as their bike stopped for some reason. So I reached Lonavala and headed towards Morgiri Fort. On the way I visited Lonavala Lake, Bhushi Dam, Lonavala Points (Tiger, Lion, Shivling Point) and sat near Shivlinga Point. Nagfani Hill (Dukes Nose), Moradi Pinnacle, and Mrugagad fort were visible in front.

lonavala points
View from Shivling Point

After some time my friends came and we started the journey toward Ghusalkhamb village. From Ghusalkhamb village, the straight route leads to Korigad, Ghangad forts, while the left route leads to Morgiri, Tung forts. Jambhulane is a small village at the base of the fort.

jambhulne village
Jambulane village

Morgiri Fort Trek :
The trek route leads to the fort through the mountain pass behind the village. There is no chance of getting lost as the route is completely recognizable. Also guide boards have been placed here. After climbing up a bit from the pass, the path leads to the plateau on the left side.
The plateau is very long and in front, we can see a mountain that seems like a cap. This is Morgiri Fort. We could see the saffron flag on the fort.

Morgiri fort plateau
Plateau and Morgiri Fort

After about half an hour's walk from the plateau, we were passing along the edge of the valley, keeping the mountains on our left. After a while we reached the very base of Morgiri fort.

Morgiri fort trek
Morgiri Fort

Now we started to climb the fort. The initial route was moderately uphill and through dense bush, so it was not too difficult. But gradually the path became steep and we were climbing very carefully due to intense heat and slippery soil or scree. As the steps leading to the fort have been destroyed, a rope has been installed at two places and a ladder at one place for safety.

rope way at morgiri fort
While climbing with the help of a rope

Places to visit on Morgiri Fort :
As soon as we came near the rock wall of the fort, there were some water tanks. There is the idol of Jakhmata Devi Temple next to the water tank near the ladder.

Jakhmata Devi Temple
Jakhmata Devi

After climbing the ladder, there were rock-carved steps, and after climbing them we reached the top of the fort. After almost 2 hours we were on top of the fort. Fort Top is very small and some water tanks can be seen here. Looking at the location and ruins of the fort, this fort must have been used as a watchtower.

water tank morgiri fort
Water tank on Fort top

Korigad Fort, Ambi Valley City can be seen from the south side of the fort. Looking towards the east one can see Tikona Fort, Pavana Dam Reservoir, Tung Fort. Lohgad and Visapur forts can also be seen towards the north. But we could not see the Tikona, Lohgad, and Visapur forts as the environment was not clean.

Korigad fort
tung fort
View of Korigad and Tung Forts

Return journey :
We started descending the fort very cautiously due to the intense heat and scree. After some time we reached the plateau. We rested on a plateau for a while looking at the fort for some time. Felt very relaxed.

plateau morgiri fort

It took us an hour and a half to reach Jambulane village again from the fort top, half an hour of which we spent on the plateau. Came back to Lonavala, had breakfast, and headed towards Pune and my friends toward Mumbai.
Accommodation/Food/Water availability on Morgiri Fort:
There is no facility at the fort and neither is there any provision of food or water from the villagers on the way. So it is important to have enough water and food with you.

How to reach Morgiri Fort? :
From Lonavla take a bus going to Bhamburde village and get down at Ghusalkhamb village. From here the path to the left leads to Morgiri, Tung Fort. Just 1 km away is the Jambulane village.
Mumbai to Jambhulne village - 100 km
Pune to Jambhulne village (via Lonavala) - 85 km

Best time to visit Morgiri Fort :
End of October to April

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